What’s the point?

I have been offering advice, providing content and generally telling other people what to do in order to express themselves, market their product, company or idea etc. for quite some time now. But, have not been taking my own advice, until now.

This blog and the related social media posts are for my entertainment and education primarily. If you get anything out of whatever I come up with, or think something is funny, insiteful, clever or somehow useful that is just a bonus for me.

The act of being creative means I will make mistakes, some of what I write and post might not always be useful to others, some will not be funny, some will not even make sense. But, as I have told clients, friend, my kids or anyone else who will listen, the only way to get better at something is to keep doing it, learn from your mistakes and keep doing it some more.

Here goes, I am doing it.

Hope you like it, but if not, I will keep on posting, updating and putting stuff out there.

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