A Year Ago

I found this very good advice printed inside a subway tunnel in Melbourne, Australia. It was about a year ago, visiting my brother who lives in Sydney. Now I have no idea if we will be able to see him for some time. So will have to settle for looking at photos for now. Everything […]

Goat Yoga!

Yes, that is a baby goat on top of a woman trying to do yoga. I am not really sure how much actual yoga happens at these sessions sponsored by City Grazing but the goats seem to enjoy walking over the people, eating their hair, clothing and whatever else they can get their teeth around. […]

Above it All

Sometimes the photos I get to take can surprise me. I had shoot at one of the top, and unfinished floors of the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. It will be the tallest building in San Francisco and only topped by a new tower in Los Angeles, and can be seen from all over the […]