Another Day, But Which One Is It?

hong kong bunny
A giant inflated bunny in Hong Kong.

The days seem to dissolve into each other now that are getting used to this Shelter-In-Place order in San Francisco. I have been working from home as much as I can, it is strange not seeing my co-worker/ friends at Berkeley Lab, but there is not a lot or work a photographer can do remotely.

hong kong cow
A cow tolerates visitors to the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong, as they pose for selfies with it.

I am trying to follow the advice everyone gives out, set and follow a daily routine. I am able to do so, somewhat. It is helpful that my immediate group which I work with, Creative Services, has regular meetings online. We do not have a lot of work to discuss, so mostly we spend time catching up with each other.

big buddah
The Giant Buddha in Hong Kong.

I imagined writing one post here per day when we began the Shelter-in-Place, but even with long stretches of nothing to do I can not seem find time. Where is time when we have so much to binge watch.


I keep telling my kids how luck they are with hours and hours of things to watch online, or they can play video games to their hearts delight, and they have lots of social media to connect with their friends.

hong kong lights
The nightly (well at the time, I doubt they are doing this now) light show in Hong Kong.

But, I also feel dismayed that so much of their youth is filled with anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic, global climate change, an uncertain economic future, and the rise in far-right political groups. Humanity has been through much worse in the past, and we are very lucky to have the resources and a somewhat competent government at least in California, amazing scientific understanding of how this virus works, but it is one thing to read about difficult times, it is something different to live through them.


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