A Year Ago


I found this very good advice printed inside a subway tunnel in Melbourne, Australia. It was about a year ago, visiting my brother who lives in Sydney. Now I have no idea if we will be able to see him for some time. So will have to settle for looking at photos for now.


Everything in Australia is similar to the United States, the country itself is more like the U.S. than any other country I have visited, including Canada. This is not a good or bad comment, just sticking to me how similar our countries are. And, yet, there are a lot of differences. The animals are quite different, being isolated from the rest of the world for so long did lead to some interesting animal types. It seems like every insect and snake on the continent is the deadliest in the world.

These birds flew onto the deck of a friends back yard. The birds in Australia are beautiful, but really loud.


Another bird showing off. This one was in a park in Sydney.


The Sydney Opera House seen from a ferry on a rainy day. This was before last year’s devastating fires. My brother said the fire did not reach them but the air was terrible. Just like when we had our fires here in Northern Calif.



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