Not Going Anywhere

Riding up the Mid Level Escalators in Hong Kong.

One of the best bits of advice I have read about keeping your sanity while sitting at home while under a Shelter-In-Place, or similar, order is to make a schedule for your day and finish all of the projects you never seem to have time to do.

Mini bullet train
A mini version of the Shinkansen at a train museum outside of Tokyo.

One of the projects I keep not getting done is posting on this site regularly. I have not done so since I started working at Berkeley Lab.

I will try and rectify that lack of posting photos as well as share a lot of photos I have done over the past few years which I never got around to posting.

Revelers celebrat at the Kichijoji Autum Festival in Tokyo, Japan
Thousands of revelers come to Tokyo, Japan, to participate in the proession of mikoshi, which is part of the Kichijoji Autumn Festival, September 23, 2018. Various neighborhoods and associations, or mikoshi, parade through the city streets, each with its own has its own unique rhythm and chant. When two mikoshi cross paths, the teams amp up their efforts in an effort to outdo the other, creating a spectacle to get the audience going. 

Will we ever be able to gather in close groups for celebrations like the Autumn Festival? I hope so…

Tokyo Skyline
The skyline of Tokyo photographed from the Sky Tree.

Until we can safely travel again, I suppose looking at photos will need to suffice.


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