It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Mars – Alternate Title – Slow Motion Apocalypse


For the first time in my life I have worn a painter’s mask while riding my bike or doing heavy work. The air is so thick you can almost feel it.

My son, who is attending UC Davis has had his last two days of classes canceled due to the terrible air. I can not imagine what conditions at CSU Chico are, let alone anywhere near the fires. Scary Stuff.

If you live anywhere on the West Cost of the United States, and have looked out the window lately, you must have seen the creepy reddish-sky and the chocking crap we are breathing due to the massive fires all over the state.


Above is an un-edited photo I made with my phone. They sun is usually not that color. It does make for pretty sunsets, but knowing why the air is that color quickly ruins any romance about the beauty of such colorful Skies.

Some of my family had to evacuate the fires in Southern California. They were lucky, no on was hurt and the file did not reach the house I spent a lot of my youth in. I know there are many others who are not as lucky. Lets hope it rains soon, even thought the rain is only a temporary solution to a global problem, it would be nice to be able to actually see more than a half mile on an otherwise clear day.




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