When You Least Expect It


I have mixed feelings about people putting dogs in strollers. On the one hand, it is pretty cute, on the other hand it is kind of silly. Ok, Cute wins, just look at the dog in the photo above. Melts even my cat loving heart.

TF6A3309And while I am on the subject of dogs, I had to share this poster I saw the other day. I assume the writer did not mean to suggest that the dog tell its master not to shit in the corridor, but that is what it says. Good advice I must say.

TF6A3243Just a reminder to have your camera with you at the ready, you never know when you will see something interesting to you to photograph, like a dog in a stroller.

TF6A2840Or whatever this is.


Or my favorite for the day, the photo stand off. You just never know what you will find wandering around, so keep those cameras or at least your phone camera at the ready. Wandering with intent is one of the best ways I have found to maintain my curiosity and feed my creativity.

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