My New Website Is Posted!!

soccer, photography, san francisco, golden gate park, sports

My new and updated website has finally been posted and you can see from the above photo how much enthusiasm it is already generating. If you would like to join the excitement you can take a look HERE.

soccer, youth sports, photography, golden gate park, beach chalet, photography

All was pulled together and it is finally done, well for the most part. I still have to do some editing, some adding of captions, correcting some spacing issues and one color mismatch my brother Sean told me about.

soccer, photography, youth sports, photography

The photos on this post are from the Vikings Soccer Club Summer Camp which I was once again asked to photograph for my friend and amazing coach Toby Rappolt.

soccer, photography, golden gate park

Here is Toby hard at work keeping order at the annual summer camp. My kids went to the camp for a few years, and my son worked at the camp one or two years. Toby and the rest of the coaches at the camp do a really amazing job teaching soccer skills and letting the kids develop their creativity in the game by allowing them to play self-directed games.


The kids came up with this idea on their own. They wanted to play the coaches and developed this elaborate strategy to defeat the older, stronger and much more experienced coaching staff.


Did the kids win? I am not sure, nor am I sure that it matters. Everyone had a great time, including me as I spent the day making the photos.


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