Goat Yoga!

Goat Yoga

Yes, that is a baby goat on top of a woman trying to do yoga. I am not really sure how much actual yoga happens at these sessions sponsored by City Grazing but the goats seem to enjoy walking over the people, eating their hair, clothing and whatever else they can get their teeth around. And, I know the people sure enjoy the experience.

Baby goats are really, really cute. Even the most cynical person would have a hard time not smiling when one tried to jump up on your back. They are so soft and like being around people so much.

This goat took the job very seriously, even trying a few of the yoga poses.

The goats don’t even seem to mind being photographed for selfies. Some even would pose for the camera. One of the adult goats named Spock loves being photographed. Every time I go to the goat yard or photograph them on a job site, Spock will see me, stop whatever he is doing (he is a goat, so he is usually eating) and pose for me.

Downward Goat?

There is a lot of information about the work the goats do when they are not helping people with yoga at the City Grazing site, including links to how you can get involved volunteer helping take care of the goats, the environmental benefits of having goats clear weeds as opposed other forms of weed control.

And they are just so damn cute!



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