Above it All

Salesforce 06

Sometimes the photos I get to take can surprise me. I had shoot at one of the top, and unfinished floors of the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. It will be the tallest building in San Francisco and only topped by a new tower in Los Angeles, and can be seen from all over the Bay Area.

Salesforce 04

I expected that the view would be incredible, but was not prepared for how incredible the view turned out to be.

Salesforce 03

The building has windows on every wall, almost the entire height from the ceiling to floor. Although the windows were dirty, the views were spectacular. I can see the building from my house, and tried, but failed to see my house from the tower. It did provide a really nice view of Surto Tower, and the rest of the city from a perspective I would only have imagined from an airplane.

salesforce 05Salesforce02

Love it or hate it, there is a lot of new construction downtown. The city sure has changed a lot since I moved here, most of the buildings in these photos south of Market Street did not exist back then.


Salesforce 08



  1. Awesome! What a great experience it must have been way up there. Thanks for sharing!


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  2. I certainly hope to get back for a California visit before too long. My thinking is still muddled by the stroke though I have no visible/audible effects. Do you all still call the apartment on Kirkham home?

    Thanks for including me in your email ‘send’.

    Best thoughts Andrea

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