Just Another Day on Haight Street


This dog sure caught my attention, his owner (or guardian if you prefer) put the doll hands on his collar. You, know, because he could, I suppose. A lot of people were interested in the baby doll collar, I told the guy he had a potential business plan and should go on Shark Tank or something like that.

Because it was 4/20 day, he and nearly everyone around was quite high.


When did 4/20 become such a big deal? I must be old, I do not remember it being anything other than a mild curiosity until the last few years. Now all the area around Golden Gate Park is closed off for the festivities. Everyone seemed to.be having a good time, the police were smiling, the pedestrians were smiling back.

The only people who were not happy were stuck in the massive traffic jam created by the closed roads. Lots of road rage, but that is getting to be pretty normal for here, unfortunately.


This photo has nothing to do with 4/20 day, other than the fact that I made it today. I suppose it is a sign, but what does it mean?

This photo is just too cute to not repost.

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