Duct Tape and a Hammer

I WWconstruction, san Francisco, south of market, growth, photography

“If you can’t fix it with duct tape and a hammer – pound it into place and tape it down – it is not worth fixing” Randy the maintain guy at the ice rink I worked at once upon a time.

The photos of the cranes are from the Mission Bay area of San Francisco. They are having quite a construction boom. Most of these cranes are for the new basketball stadium, will be quite impressive once it is completed. I am not really that interested in basketball, but think it will be worth going to a game or two just to check it out.


And now for something completely different. A baby goat with a nice sweater. AWWWWW So cute!

San Francisco photographer, travel photography, photojournalism, science, facts

I remember when facts were important, what ever happened to those days?

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