Koshatnik, Russian for a Dealer in Stolen Cats

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I picked up one of the random books I have around the apartment, opened it to a random page and found a listing of oddly specific job titles in foreign languages. The book “The Meaning of Tango, and Other Extraordinary Words from Around the World” by Adam Jacot de Boinod, is a listing of various words in the amazing variety of languages spoken around the world.

Tourism in the historic Spanish city of Granada

What do these photos from the Alhambra in the Spanish city of Granada have to do with the book or the list I have later in this posting have to do with each other? Not much, probably, but then again, they are examples of the interesting things you can find when you go outside of one’s usual routine for a bit.

spain, travel, travel photography

Here are some of the job titles from the book …

folopostes – Spanish – A worker who climbs telephone or electrical poles.

dami-pipi – FrenchA female toilet assistant.

tasrriqu-zan – Persian – An officer who clears the road for a prince

kualanapui – Hawaiian – An officer who keeps the flies away from the sleeping king by waiving a brush made of feathers.

buz-baz – Old Persian – A showman who made a goat and a monkey dance together.

cigerci – Turkish – A seller of liver and lungs.

lomilomi – Hawaiian – The masseur of the chief whose duty it was to take care of his spittle and excrement.

And of course, because, you know, cats …

koshatnik – Russian – A dealer in stolen cats




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