It is All How One Looks at it


For some reason I find it interesting when people take photographs or make videos of their travels rather than experience then, but that is kind of hypocritical. That is exactly what I am doing. Of course, I am lucky enough to get paid to do it. But, why do people find the photos they take themselves more interesting than the professionally taken photographs that they can get at whatever tourist trap they happen to be visiting?


There are many ways to capture the essence of a moment or location, but being present is really only way to truly experience that moment or location. Once there we want to remember the feeling or awe or whatever experience we are having so we want to record and share it.


Or, we are not able to appreciate what we are experiencing because we are tired, would rather be doing something else.


In the end it does not matter really. If people want to take selfie photos, why not, they are having fun and I just blend in with the tourists, Watching people experience the world is interesting. One of the many reasons I consider myself to be very luck to do the work I do.

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