The News Never Stops


Part of the new exhibits at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art incorporates an old teletype machine, constantly printing out the news feed. These things used to be all over the newsrooms where I worked, but I have not seen one is such a long time.

I think it was a very cleaver was to visually represent the amount of information we drown in every day, using a technology most people probably never gave much thought to.


It was interesting listening to people try to figure to where this vomit of information was coming from, was it edited for some specific news story, of was it just printing out whatever was moving on the news wire (does anyone even all it that any more)?


Bouns photo for today! I had to get a form filled out for my kids at their old high school, Lincoln in San Francisco. As I was waiting for the person I needed to have fill out the form, I saw the statue of Lincoln with a nice splash of fabulous!!!

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