Turn of the Television “News”


I have stopped watching television “news” and my life has become a whole lot calmer.


In order to better understand the world I have been taking long walks (some people call them hikes, but that sounds too organized or intentional). I just wander, take my time, look around, notice the world and all of its beauty. Yes, work, family, school, or whatever we are busy with will limit how much of this wandering one can do, but even if it is for a few minutes each day,  I try to spend a few moments reflecting on nothing in particular. Some people call is meditation or prayer, it does not have to have any specific intention, just try and be still for a few minutes.


Walk through a freezing river, make a sand castle, feel the joy of life. Your problems will still be there waiting for you when you come back, but they will seem a bit less important after even just a few moments of truly living.


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