The Secret of Comedy

It is really hard to be funny with photographs. A few people can do it quite well, my friend Kurt Hegre is quite good at it, so you should stop reading this and go look at his site right now, I can wait……

I am hoping Kurt is able to visit me this month so we can wander San Francisco and I can see how he takes such great photos. All of my good friends are such an inspiration to me artistically and as people. I am so lucky to know so many great people. I miss you all, and you know who you are, and even if you are not one of the people I am specifically thinking of, you are reading this, so you are an inspiration to me too, and thus, I am thankful to you too, dear reader.

I read somewhere that the more often you express gratitude the better equipped you are to deal with stress and unwanted situations, and the happier you are as a result. So I am super, super-duper full of gratitude.


And now I am tired of writing, so will let the photos from local artist Randy Beckelheimer’s Studio in Hunter’s Point, San Francisco, do the talking for me.


Not sure what I am trying to say with these, other than I think they looked cool. And, it was great to meet Randy and hang out in his studio for a while. It is important for us to get outside of our own discipline, or to use the terms of business people, silo, and see how other people do things.

Of course seeing his studio, the wonderful light, the beautiful arrangement of used paint containers, brushes and so forth, makes me want to have a studio space like his.

I am painting my kid’s bedrooms, maybe that is why I was thinking of Randy’s studio. Well back to painting…

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