The law of expressed emotions

IMG_1684I was going to write a long piece on an explanation of the Law of Expressed Emotion, but in keeping what I have been learning about helping others and myself, I think it is best to not try and offer advice I am in no way qualified to give. Which is pretty much what the concept is all about. It is hard to help the people closest to you, there is too much history, subtle non-verbal cues of disapproval, or the desire, however sincere, to help, which can become stifling.

We can “fix” ourselves and those we care about once we stop trying to “fix”ourselves and others and instead listen without judgment and live our own lives as best we can. It is a lot harder than it should be, but we get to have fun trying.

And now for something completely different! Old photos of my kids…



  1. I love the pictures of the kids – great then and great now. Thanx for sharing.


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