Sunday in the park with Thor

DSCF9307I had a meeting to go to this afternoon that was off the main streetcar line, and I was too late to try the bus (would have required two transfers) and I did not want to drive on such a beautiful day, so rode my bike. What a wonderful decision. It was just beautiful out today. So many people on their bikes enjoying the closest thing to a perfect day in San Francisco.

On the way back I took a slight detour through Golden Gate Park. So many people having a wonderful day, I am so luck to live near such a magical place. I do not spend enough time there. I have probably said this in a previous post, but I am sure no one is memorizing all of my writings, so I can plagerize off myself.

DSCF9303I had to stop at the roller skating place, it was just too fabulous. I saw a friend I know from a photo shoot, she said there must have been a contest or something earlier. Lots of people were dressed up in 1970s constumes, but this being San Francisco that just might be how they dress to go out.

DSCF9305When my kids were younger we would walk or they would ride their razor scooters and I rode a long skateboard around the park on Sundays when they closed some of the roads. We would always stop at the roller skating area. It always seemed like such fun, not that I would ever try it. My friend did, she rented skates and it was the first time in 10 years she had been on skates. But was done skating when I arrived, or did not want to risk me photographing her falling down or something. After a little while I went home, happy that I had stopped to take in the fun.

The sheer joy of the people skating was inspirational, and I got to share a few minutes of that joy.

Thanks Golden Gate Park roller disco skaters. Don’t ever stop.

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  1. I appreciate your posts so much – it helps me feel connected which I always thought I was. I understand Ana is really doing big important work in Las Vegas and feel I annoy her was is the absolute last thing I want to do!

    So back to you with my thanks that I’m sure many on your list of ‘subscribers’ would share. It is always a day brightener!


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