Why is communication so difficult sometimes?

I wanted to title this post “The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to us” which is sort of a Neil deGrasse Tyson quote, but does not really make sense to this post, I just liked hearing it today.

Words are an imperfect method of communication, which is partly what drew me to photography, well that and a desire to make the world in my own image — how can I not with a name like Thor — it is a blessing and a curse. In these days of texting and social media, meanings and nuance can get lost and in the end we all are just shouting at each other. Information overload is a serious problem, how do we sort through and make sense of the world when so much information is coming at us from every direction?

With photography I can control what and how you see the images I choose to share. I have no idea if you get my meaning, but that is also the best part, I do not get to decide how you see what I make. And sometimes there is not a lot of meaning, it is just a photograph of something someone paid me to photograph. Like these product shots. I am happy to do them, I enjoy doing them, and think they convey exactly what they should.

2016-10-18-Finesse-00682016-10-18-Finesse-0018ABSINTHE21Flowers on a Heath Ceramics plate, for Tatcha

What am I trying to say here. I do not know, sometimes communication is difficult.

So to confuse my message further, here is a photo of my friend Adrian preparing his presentation at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. So many unanswered questions, why is he wearing the fish hat, what is he making, why was I there? But I have to go somewhere, so we will just let the mystery be.


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  1. One thing I have learned is that life is unpredictable but it’s good to have the opportunity to be part of it! It’s cold and clear back here but we are cozy inside and – I’ll admit it – we’ll be glad to see warm weather come again.



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