My kids are not kids any more


I was never a great student, I was very curious and worked hard when I was interested, but got pretty low grades in high school and really struggled in college. Somehow my kids must have gotten their mother’s work habits, they finished high school taking mostly AP classes and had impressive enough grades, test scores and work experience to get into some pretty impressive UC’s — one is going to Davis, the other Santa Cruz.

But, in my desire to make everything about me I have to say to myself, “what now?” So much of my identity has been wrapped up in the role of “dad” that having that role diminish (yes, I know I will always be their father), leaves me at a strange crossroads. I guess this is what they call a mid-life crisis. Instead of buying an overpriced car, or dating 25-year-old girls (as if that were even a possibility), I bought a turntable and been picking up a few of the reissues of the classics (Clash, Jam, David Bowie, Wilco, Johnny Cash, I could go on, but you get the general idea) on 180 grain vinyl. The sound is amazing and much better for my health than some of the other vices people pick up at this stage in their life.


And this site has been part of that process. I am trying to find new ways to incorporate ritualized creativity into my daily life. I appreciate having a forum to post whatever photos I find interesting that day and write to my imagined audience of millions, who are hanging on every drop of wisdom that seeps from my brain, via my fingers and into your computer screen.


This photo was on a walk with my daughter the other day as we went to Amoeba Records on Haight Street. I saved a lot of money that evening, Amoeba closes earlier than I would have thought on Friday night. But, was happy to have the time to walk and talk with her, and we saw this cool painted fence.

DSCF8970Our neighbors have some very interesting plants. These look like something from the Muppets, or some crazy space beings. The one on the left looks like it is smoking a pink joint or something. DSCF8972

Perhaps the coolest thing I saw on my walk the other day. This was in the driveway of one of our neighbors’ homes. I will just say, I am impressed.

Keep looking, there is so much in our daily lives we miss when we are caught up in the business of our daily lives. Slow down once and a while and enjoy this wonderful world, and if you want to photograph it, great. If not, that is great too. There is beauty all around, we just need to notice it sometimes.

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