Hey, look, my kids have graduated from high school!

Can you see them? They are wearing the red (or is it crimson? scarlet? auburn? bright maroon? carmine? carnelian? cinnabar? or if you prefer RGB r251 g57 b22, or HEX color codes, fa4727 or fe3313 or fe2d16 depending on where I place the color picker, isn’t color theory fun!)  Ok, lets just agree to red. They are the kinds in the red robes, wearing hats, somewhere in this crowd of around 500 or so other kids, but I am biased, they are the best in the bunch.

I have more photos of them at graduation and if you are really lucky I might share them with you later.


As I was walking around my neighborhood today I saw this sign taped to a phone control box. It was written in crayon, on the back of a missing cat poster, and I have no idea what it means. “bust, bust, bust, ore” What the hell kind of cryptic message is this?

As I was making the photo, a man walked up to me and asked me if the camera I was using, Fuji X-100 F, was better than just using the camera on my phone. I was about to go into a long dissertation on how I would even begin to define “better”, what are the measurements one could possibly use, “better” to whom, why would “better” even be “better” and other stuff that he did not ask me. So I answered. “Yes, it is a lot better. Mostly because I have more control over the settings and eventual look of the finished photo.”

He said that made sense and asked me why I took almost the same photo with my camera phone first. Again my first thought was to go into a long discussion about the different experiences I have when using a phone camera vs. a rangefinder camera vs. a SLR camera vs. a medium format camera vs. looking with intent at an object, situation or person and not making a photograph, but thought better of going down that rabbit hole. I replied what was actually the most honest answer I could come up with, I wanted to see how it looked on my phone, then wanted to see how it looked when I used the Fuji. If I had another camera with me I would have tried that one also. He seemed satisfied and said he would let me get back to whatever it was that I was doing. I thanked him for asking me the questions and went back to whatever the hell it is I do.

DSCF9073 People leave the strangest stuff all over the place in San Francisco, but someone always seems to pick it up eventually. I have gotten a few really great pieces of furniture from the sidewalk, but most of the stuff is just garbage. There must be someone paid by the stores to go around and pick these carts up. I know they are expensive and this one looked pretty new.


These flowers were on the front steps in front of St. Anne’s Church in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood.

There were no other flowers left on the steps, I assume these were being carried into the church by someone, perhaps for a wedding or a religious service, but that is not very interesting, so I came up with the following very short story.

A guy wanted to impress or apologize to his romantic interest, he bought her flowers, they were purple her favorite color. She was not interested in his overtures, and sent him away. He wandered the neighborhood, distraught, cursing the day he was born, the day he met “her” he thought he should have bought a more expensive or impressive bunch of flowers, began wondering about his very place in the Universe, does life have any meaning? Why does he bother? He was now lost, wandering far from the neighborhood where he started his journey. Had his entire life been wandering the streets of San Francisco with these flowers, was there a yesterday, will there be a tomorrow? Wondering if he is hungry, and if so what would be good to eat? He passed a lot of really awesome restaurants around the intersection of Ninth Ave. and Irving. This random cascade of thoughts continued until he came to the steps of St. Anne’s hoping to find some answers to the questions now vexing him at this impressive looking church — did she ever love him? did anyone love him? does any even know he exists? is he just bored and his mind is wandering way too much for his own good?

In agony he threw the flowers on the ground and stormed off. As he walked away, he felt better. He realized he can not control how she feels about him, flowers or anything else. All he can do is try to be the best person he can be, and if she loves him back that is great, and if not, well at least he is trying to be the best person he can be.

I have to admit not much of a story, and most likely someone just dropped them by accident, and when I saw them I thought they were kind of cool looking. So will go with that.

DSCF9068Is this a public execution of a pickle?

What possible crime could it have committed to deserve such a fate?

What does any of this have to do with my kids graduating from High School? I thought that was my topic for today.

You never know what will happen when you just allow yourself to live your life and free associate on whatever it is you happen to come across.

I just know I am happy to have been able to watch my kids graduate from high school and am so excited about the amazing future adventures that awaits them.

Sometimes it will be a sign that makes no sense but becomes the start of a short but very interesting conversation on how you take photos, sometimes it will be a shopping cart full of random things that really has no meaning, or some dead flowers on the entrance steps to a church, and if you are lucky, every now and then you can see a pickle hanging from the gallows.

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