Joining the Circles of Confusion

One of my favorite photography terms is Circles of Confusion the Wikipedia page I linked to will describe the various formulas used to calculate how the effect is created in photography, way better than I can. When my daughter was in 8th grade or so, she had a physics assignment and chose a pinhole camera experiment and needed to explain Depth of Field. So she asked me to help her understand the concept, and knowing how to utilize the effect and actually understand why it works the way it does is quite different.

TOR_2203I do not have to know the complicated math behind Photoshop and related programs to know how to use them. I sure do appreciate the elegance of the equations. I wish I had taken the time to lean a bit more advanced math (I really wanted to write maths, but my auto correct tells me we are in the U.S. and not to be pretentious), and realize I still could, but won’t. I am happy someone understands this stuff, and enables me and everyone with a camera to make such beautiful representations of the world with photography.

I have a folder on my desktop called “cool backgrounds” which is pretty much what it sounds like. A folder of backgrounds, or way out-of-focus images that look interesting to me. I rarely have a use for these images, but something about them caught my attention, and I bothered to save them, so they must be important for something. TF6A6086

I do not remember where most of them came from, most are from signs or lighting displays at an event or store.


There is no “reason” for me to photograph these, and more often than not, I just delete them. But am glad I have saved a few, and from time to time will open up the folder just to look at them. For some reason they make me smile.


This photo was in the “cool backgrounds’ folder by mistake, but I like it, so let’s consider it a freebee today.

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