When your physics class gives you an assignment, make a guitar

Leif and a few fellow students had to make something for their physics final project. I can not really say how they came up with the idea to make an electric guitar, but I do know it was mostly Leif’s idea. When I first heard of his idea to make an electric guitar I thought it would be interesting, but I never did the typical “dad” things, showing him how to cut wood, solder things, take apart electronics or even the more basic stuff like change a tire on a car, so assumed he would be as bad at such “manly” tasks as I am. Turns out, he is much better at it than expected.


I did figure out how to teach him to strip the wires, make sure the connections do not short out and keep track of what needs to go where. He used a broken electric guitar, connected the various parts, measured the neck (with some help from his classmates, but he did most of the work, because he wants to keep the guitar). The physics part of the guitar were figuring the fret spacing or something. I looked at his calculations, really have no idea what I was looking at, but seemed scientific enough.

And, the guitar works, because the pick ups are kind of crappy it has a really awesome lo-fi sound. I suggested he next work on a home-made sampler, mixer and electronic drums to create a real DIY band. But, that is my dream (which I will never do, because I have other things to worry about), he just wanted to see if he could make an electric guitar that works. And, he did it.

If he can do that, I can get back on my original goal of writing one post per day. I relapsed, but failure is part of life. Posting these photos and writing these words brings me such a sense of connection to the present, my creativity, and love of life. Even if no one reads this set of words, or any of the words on this site, or if no one looks at the photos, or if no one likes the photos it does not matter, or thinks this whole exercise is meaningless, I do not care. I am happy making them, and will continue to do so.

Leif made the guitar because he wanted to, he had no idea if it would work, he took a chance. That is the true meaning of living. I really hate that this is a corporate slogan to sell shoes, but it works —- Just do it.

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