Where’s Aurelia?

We took a tour of UC Santa Cruz this past weekend with Aurelia, she will be attending the school in the Fall. I must say it seems like a perfect fit for her, the campus is more like a very expensive summer camp in some places, or a tech campus in the middle of a forest. I had been there a few times in the past to photograph researchers or professors, but never really spent much time there. It was quite nice, very happy and proud of her, and her brother, he will be attending UC Davis in the Fall. The Davis campus is not quite as beautiful as UCSC, but it is an awesome school, so very happy all around.

Of course we have the usual fears about how to pay for all of this, even with in-state tuition, and the meager assistance offered, it will be stretch. But, we should not let fear guide our decisions. This is a scary stage for everyone, moving away from the comfort and awesomeness of home and the city they have lived in for their entire lives (and in my opinion the best place in the world, but they are bored with SF). Taking risks and trying new things is what makes life fun.


I will miss the hell out of them when they are away at school, but they have to do it. Time to grow up kids, hope you have been given a good foundation to grow and learn, now go out and change the world.

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