Wild in the Streets – Or, why you carry your camera with you everywhere

I was driving home from a non-photo related meeting and almost crashed into the car in front of me when I saw a zebra crossing guard like the ones they have in La Paz Bolivia, which I first heard about from the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.


I had to quickly find a place to park and run over to the intersection, I did not want to miss this and had no idea how long they would be there, or what was going on. It was wonderful, and I was so happy I remembered the lesson from many millions of years ago when I was in school ALWAYS CARRY A CAMERA WITH YOU, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL SEE. I know I have my phone with me too, but it is just not as cool as my Fuji X100-F


The zebra crossing guard was there to promote an amazing idea the Inner Sunset Green Benefit District. They are trying to make urban planing great again. I spoke with their director and offered my humble talents to help them promote the cause, they can explain it better than I can right now, so look at their site, and if you live in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset check them out.



I was really hoping the traffic zebras would catch on, so glad at least today, it did. And, that makes me very happy this evening.

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