Good morning flowers

There is a orchid plant on the dresser next to my bed. If it is sunny in the morning, the light shines through the shades, creating this very nice diffused light, the flower petals shine in their translucent beauty.2017-04-18-011

Some mornings I notice them and smile, other times I wake up in a bad mood and do not even see them. They flowers are there, doing their best to brighten my day and get me motivated for the awesomeness to come, but sometimes I just can not seem to see them. Writing and discussing photography, creativity, and whatever else pops into my head (for example noticing I used the dreaded Oxford Comma and in spite of my intense fear of such crimes against grammar choose to be ok with it) seems to help me notice the things that make my life so rich.

So, thank you my dear flowers, you have given me the inspiration to get on with the thrills of today, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, petting Cat (that is her name, so no need for “the” prior to Cat), and the rest of the nonsense I call my life.

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