Take photos every day

I was talking with a friend today via email. He said we must create every day, or in my instance take photos every day. Crap, I don’t want to do that. No one is going to look at the photos I take today, no one is paying me to take them, and the world will continue on regardless of what photos I take or do not take.

So I went for my usual walk to the Post Office  and bank, camera in hand, to specifically NOT take photos, just to spite him. I don’t need some one telling me what to do, and what if I just do not feel creative today, or there is nothing interesting out there. After I dropped the stuff off at the Post Office and deposited the $.34 check I got from the Unclaimed Property website of the State of California, F-yea! I overpaid $.34 on my student loans a million years ago, and I stuck it to the MAN and got it ALL back! I RULE!!!

Feeling smug I noticed something as I took the short walk home.

DSCF8221This building was driving me nuts, nothing lined up the way I wanted. I liked the Postal Carrier framed in the doorway, but the randomness of the windows and the levels of the garages was awful, at first. I raised the camera to my eye, and realized, while not a great or even very good photo, it was interesting to me. So there, my friend, I took a photo are your happy!

DSCF8218Across the street I saw this. People leave the strangest junk on the streets sometimes. I had to do a little arranging, moved the screen further from the wall and placed the horseshoe game behind the curtain, but there it is, a real street theater. Not sure what the act is supposed to be, perhaps a juggling act. I realized people were watching me set this up and photograph it. Just another eccentric in San Francisco doing his own thing, dude. No one asked why I was doing this, that kind of made me sad. I would have loved to go on and on about the imagined play about to be performed, but alas only have you, dear reader to prattle on to.


A window I walk by at least three times a week. Never noticed the red flower stem reaching for the sun or trying to get away from the awful green leaves of its parent plant. Or, it is just a plant on a window that looked interesting to me at the moment.


What the holy hell is this? Someone took the time to paint this and I took the time to notice it. Also cool how the little leaf at the bottom left of the photo looks like a baby fish being ignored by its larger brother fish, and the disgust the larger fish is expressing.


This is on the sidewalk in front of my house. Speaks for itself.


And finally, this chair, my favorite photo of the day. I spent about 10 minutes taking these photos. They are not anything profound, but making them and writing about them has made me very happy.

Oh, What a Lovely Day!!

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