Stop trying to control the world, cats control it already

Once upon a time I spent a month traveling around Mexico with my friend Antonio Olmos, in theory we were covering the 1994 presidential elections. That was the year of the  Zapatista uprising I am not totally sure what we were expecting when we left, but that month was awesome in so many ways.

The cat in the featured photo was starring at us all during our dinner at a restaurant in Mexico City (I think that was where it was).

Somewhere in Mexico

We photographed rallies and other political events, made our way from south through Mexico City, then Oaxaca and eventually Chiapas. It is one of my favorite memories, with one of my favorite people on the planet.

One of these days I might post more photos from the trip, but mostly wanted to remind myself today of some of the incredible experiences life has for us all. We did not end up photographing a lot of civil unrest, never saw the Zapatistas, had a lot of film stolen, my car window broken, and someone stole my wallet, which had a few credit cards and about $100 cash. And, all of that was ok, we had no agenda, made up our days as we went along for the most part with only a vague idea where to go next. On the way we met so many wonderful people and saw so many wonderful things.


Just like this morning, me and family walked to the Crepevine (it is a restaurant) had breakfast, walked back home. Nothing really that special, but also the most joyful thing I have ever done. And later today I will do something else equally joyful, I have no idea what that will be, and that is perfect.


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