When will he return?

This photo was made for a NY Times travel story about literary San Francisco. The story covered both the historical and current literary scene, and was quite interesting to work on. This bookstore is on the second floor of an old movie theater in the Mission District. There are several book sellers inside the building each more specific than the rest.

Again, I have to admit this is someplace I would have never gone to if I were not being paid. I have to correct this in myself. My new (and not at all impossibly ambitious goal) is to go everywhere and photograph everything.

Someone famous said something like “create your own meaning” so I am not only creating my own meaning, but creating a meaning so impossible to complete I will now never lack for something to do. Now every moment of every day is as important as the next and the adventure will never end.

To my millions of readers I must apologize, I had a very busy weekend, some really interesting photo shoots Thursday, a bunch of errands Friday, another interesting shoot Saturday, then my kids went to prom (more on that later, dear reader), then Sunday another shoot way the hell down in Campbell.

But, no time for rest, I have a world to document.

In the worlds of my friend Beth… Onward!


My comedian friend (well he is my friend who is a comedian)   BILL SANTIAGO

Will have two shows in the Bay Area next week, Lets all go together!

April 18 in Mill Valley, Throckmorton Theather

April 20 in San Francisco, El Rio.


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