How will we know when we are in the future?

Last night I had one of those “It is so cool to be alive” assignments. The photos were at an event called #designnight hosted by Autodesk. I am not totally sure how to explain what is going on in the photos, so someone please correct any errors.

This is a flat screen table, about 3 feet wide and 5 feet long (I did not measure it, who cares, it was pretty large). It is a touch screen where you can move through a human body, zoom in to incredible detail, add layers of muscles, fat and skin. It was the most wonderful kind of morbid fascination. I am sure there are all sorts of cool ways to incorporate this technology into medicine, it was like being on the bridge of the Enterprise (Yes, I like Star Trek way too much).

There too much other amazing stuff from last night, I will post a few more when I get around to it, but tonight I am lazy so that’s all for this one kids.


Ok, I could not resist this one. I think it is the same hand from the previous photo. Reminds me of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” I am pretty sure as God and Adam were posing for Michelangelo they were goofing off, God maybe tried hand to nose, hand to eye socket, hand on top of head, but aesthetically I think they settled on the best pose.

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