There must be more to this story

As I was walking home the other day I came across this puzzle at the 12th Ave. N-Judah stop (it is a streetcar if you do not know). I assume someone had thrown it away and the trash can was knocked over, but all of the pieces would not be there in the same place. So someone must have put it there, but why? Is it some sort of message, or sign from above, or just one of those random things that happen all the time and I should not try and overthink everything.

It reminded me of a creativity exercise in one of my early photography classes. My memory of the actual class is rather vague, so most of this may be made up in my mind, but I like the memory, and the idea is useful.

The teacher was frustrated with our photographs for the class, we were using mostly using slight wide angle lenses, and shooting everything from eye level. The problem with only shooting at eye level is you miss so much of the world. The teacher had us photograph inside the classroom, but we had to get on our knees or stomachs to get low angles, and climb up on the tables to see things from higher. Crawling and climbing greatly changed how we saw, and as a result photographed the room and the people in it. The photos were not any better, and for the most part, were much worse, but it did help me understand the importance to looking at a situation from various perspectives.

This can apply to all aspects of your life, not just photography. I am trying to look at problems from various points of view, not just mine. It is impossible to truly know what others are thinking, but being able to change my perspective when facing a challenge does help me not get stuck in a self-defeating cycle of negative thought.

I think of it like being a detective, every detail in life, every nuance of someone’s gestures and personality is a mystery to solve. So get up on that table, or crawl around on the floor, bring creative play back into our lives. It will not solve our personal or the world’s problems, but will be a whole lot of fun to see everyone crawling around and climbing on desks. Come out and play!

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