How to be a prom parent

My son trying on the rental tux for his senior prom.


Step 1. Have a son or daughter — Note, having a daughter might require a different outfit, my daughter is wearing a dress, and she picked out an amazing one. All credit to her mother on her taste in clothing, I sure don’t know how to dress myself, let alone a high school senior.

Step 2. Do the best you can to raise them as decent human beings

Step 3. They mature and grow into decent human beings despite having you as a parent.

Step 4. Go to the tux rental place and pay money.DSCF0303

Step 5. Embarrass them by posting photos of them trying on fancy clothing, and realize you did a pretty good job as a parent.

I can not wait to be the awkward father taking stupid photos of my kids as they face the most awkward, yet fun, thing high school has to offer.

Senior Prom here they come!


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