The Power of Incremental Change

I have written and re-written this sentence about a dozen times. Each version seems profound at first, then I think of something better and begin again. Honestly that could go on for hours if I let it. But, I have made a commitment to myself not to allow that to happen, so am writing this and only correcting for grammatical or spelling errors.

There, got that out of my system. Now I can actuall write on today’s topic. The photo above is from our recent trip to Death Valley, the sand dunes are a good example of the power of incremental change. From a distance they look imposing, and un-changing, but up close one can see the sand moving with the wind, or a teenager running and jumping.

I know this is not terribly profound, and seems quite obvious, but it is very hard to realize in our own lives. Small adjustments, made over a long period of time, can make a huge difference in our lives. We did not learn to walk or talk all at once, so why does it seem we should be able to make other changes in our lives all at once?

This photograph reminds me of the enormous joy I had showing my kids (well they are 18, so I guess they are not kids anymore) Death Valley. I will let the photo speak for itself now….

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