Being There

I was at a local merchants fair thing this afternoon. It was pretty cool seeing the creative things people who make some quite amazing things. My daughter and I were looking at a vendor selling mostly antiques. For some reason the clown figure in the photo caught her attention and she told me I should buy it. Of course I thought it was awful, but it was only a few dollars and I guess to prove to her that I am cool or something I bought it. Later she told me she hated it and did not want me to actually buy it. But, the deed was done and we are now the proud owners of this crazy clown figure.

We spent some more time looking around the various booths, she bought something more her style, and we went home. As we were walking home the clown kind of grew on me.  I took it out and marveled at its off-kilter beauty. Then inspiration hit, I need to photograph the clown on the Hidden Garden Steps across the street from our house, which is how today’s photo was made (well more specifically it was made with a camera).

I think my point of this story is we should not edit ourselves when nurturing our creativity. In the past I am sure I would have passed on buying the clown, or if I had bought it I would have been embarrassed and hid it in drawer or closet — that is how people accumulate crap like this.

Instead I wanted to take full ownership of the original impulse to buy it. I had fun at the Sunset Merchants Festival (or whatever it was called), and the clown is a reminder of that. I do not think I will keep it very long, will probably end up sharing the joy of the clown, I just named her Kitty Klown, will leave Kitty Klown on Muni or someplace ironic. Maybe will leave it at a museum, or Safeway, anywhere it goes it will stand out. I have the photo of it on the steps, I have the happy memories of buying and photographing it, and now it sits on the shelf next to television.

Let your creativity flow, you will have plenty of time for doubt and self-criticism when you edit and refine your ideas. Some ideas will be stupid, some just dull, some will be offensive, or make no sense. But, the only way I know of to get to good ideas is to let myself have the ideas first, then decide if I want to keep working on them.

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