Camera Review – Fuji X-100 F

This photo was taken yesterday in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset and was one of the first I have taken with my new Fuji X100 F. The camera replaces my Fuji X100 S which had a good life, but is now on its way to the camera spirit world (eBay).

The Fuji X100 F has a lot of mega pixels or something, there is an aperture and shutter speeds, and some dial and buttons that do things when you turn or press them. It does have an actual rangefinder, so I get to pretend it is a Leica, but I did not have to pay $8000 or whatever for it.

When I am working people ask me all the time about the technical aspects of the various cameras I am using, or for advice on which camera to buy. I understand why people are interested in such things, and it is a good way to start a conversation with a person with a camera, like asking someone if they have a cigarette. But, I do not smoke, and really do not know a lot about the more technical aspects of cameras. What matters to me is being able to use the camera to make whatever image I am trying to create at the moment.

My advice is, do not buy a camera online (pay your Sales Tax, how do you think local economies are funded?), go to an actual camera shop (this one was from Sammy’s in SF, the guy at the store was quite helpful and did not once mention mega pixels, he did answer a question I had about the camera’s sensor size and aspect ratio, but I have already forgotten all of that. Look it up if you are interested, the internet is really good at such things.) There are a lot of parenthetical asides in this paragraph — does this make my writing seem choppy or disjointed? Would I change how I write if it did? Yes, how else would I get better at writing?

The colors of this photo scene made me smile, and the bee is totally awesome. Also I am happy someone bothered to arrange the garbage, recycling and composting bins in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Can you imagine what a nightmare it would have been if they were jumbled up, maybe one was on its side, or facing the wrong direction? I guess I could have re-arranged them to my liking, but I did not want to get my hands dirty and can only imagine how odd it would be to watch someone re-arranging your garbage cans to take a photo of them. This photo was taken at stop for the N-Judah (it is a streetcar, not a fucking cable car, not a bus, and most importantly not a monorail — if you know them, ask my kids about the one hour rant I went on about the specific definitions of monorail, train etc. Good times).

Oh, one more thing.


An Arrested Development reference.




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