The absurdity of life

Peoole do things for many different reasons, which is probably the most obvious thing I have ever written. For some reason it seems rather profound to me at the moment.

I was walking with my brother Sean to a surfing supply shop about a mile from my house. As we were walking and talking I noticed this statue in the tall grass along Sunset Blvd. (the one in San Francisco, not the famous one in Los Angeles). Someone took the trouble to make the thing, perhaps someone bought it, and how it ended up thrown on the side of road in tall grass is another one of the mysteries of life.

As we considered the meaning of life for an inanimate object, which may or may not have held significance to someone at one time, I thought we should honor that significance (ok full honesty here, that was a thought later, at the moment I think it was just funny thing we saw and was showing off to my brother, the significance was attached later) and we moved it to a place of honor. It was really heavy, but we are strong and moved it to the grass medium between the sidewalk and Sunset Blvd — if you do not know San Francisco, Sunset Blvd. is a tree-lined road that runs from Lake Merced to Golden Gate Park along the  west side of the city.

Once we found a good place to put it, I took a few photos of it with my phone, Sean made a video of me rolling around in the grass taking the photo.

We then continued to the surf shop, Sean bought a wet suit and has taken up surfing without borrrowed wet suits.

I am unsure if I should return to that sidewalk and look for him, did he have a name? I will call him The Dude for now.

Is The Dude still there?

Does it matter?

I had a truly happy moment with Sean as we contemplated life with The Dude, so maybe going back would ruin the memory.

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